Regent's University London student union

The Student Union Academic Events Officer works with volunteers, comprised of current students to organise events during term time in the form of Interviews, Panels, and Conferences. Academic Events engage our students and the wider University community in extra-curricular forums that complement the disciplines of study offered at Regent's University London. 

Explore our previous events here:

The Brexit Panel.jpg

The Brexit Panel

SEE Seminar - Global Rules Based Order s

Senior European Experts Seminar "Dismantling of the Rules-based Global Order"


Senior European Experts Seminar "The World Economy in 2020: Heading for a Crash?"

Wealth Management .jpg

The 4th Annual Wealth Management Forum "90th Anniversary of the Great Crash of 1929 - Lessons from the Past"


The Influence of Luxury Brands in the 21st Century


The 3rd Annual Wealth Management Forum "Wealth Tech: Innovation in Wealth Management"


Building Something Meaningful in the 21st Century with Luca del Bono


The 3rd Annual Business Conference "Trials and Triumphs in My Career, Lessons for Future Business Leaders"