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Welcome to the Debate Union at Regent's University London

The Institution of Marriage

Two-State Solution

The Ukrainian Crisis

About Us


The Debate Union of Regent's University London was founded in January 2020. It is overseen by the Academic Events team at the Student Union. Its mission is to engage students and academics alike in debates relating to politics, culture & philosophy. It follows the format of the Oxford Union, whereby members debate a motion presented by the union, arguing either for or against it, ultimately determining in a general vote whether the motion is to be adopted. 

Debate Policy


If you are participating in a debate please come prepared with arguments to express your 'Aye' or 'Nay' stance to the motion which is to be discussed. Upon concluding the debate session a final vote will determine whether the Union accepts the motion or whether it will be rejected.

If you are attending a debate, please arrive on time to take your seat. Take your place on the side of the room corresponding to your debate stance, namely the 'Aye' or 'Nay' benches. If you are merely observing a debate session or wish not join a debate bench there will be additional seating available for observers. 

Welcome to the Union!

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