enactus team

Regent's University London

At Regent's, we’re developing tomorrow’s global leaders, preparing you to tackle problems on a global scale, which is why we are proud to have partnered with Enactus: a global non-profit community of students committed to using entrepreneurial action to transform lives and create a more sustainable world.

About Enactus

Enactus' 72,000 students are entrepreneurial innovators, spread across 1,730 campuses in 36 countries, positively impacting the lives of 1.3 million people each year. 

As well as conducting assessments in their communities (identifying potential solutions to complex issues and implementing community projects) and creating innovative solutions to tackle United Nations’ 17 'Sustainable Development Goals', students compete in a series of regional and national competitions evaluated by global business leaders. Winners then advance to the prestigious Enactus World Cup!

This not only results in communities benefiting from collaboration and fresh innovation, students also gain a valuable experience to advance their personal and professional lives.

Watch this short one-minute video on what it means to be an Enactus team member.

If that isn't reason enough to join, Enactus graduates are 50x more likely to be hired by partner companies than the average graduate!

How to get involved

Our Student Union is working to bring Enactus to Regent’s. If you are interested in joining our Enactus team, please reach out to the Student Union directly or email Silvia from The Hive at

We have multiple roles available, from Team Leader and Vice President to HR, Marketing, Fundraising, Finance and Events, so will be sure to have something to suit you!