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Thank you. We don't have open positions at the moment.


Thank you for your application, the SU President will be in touch asap!

Read more about the Council President role below.
Council Presidents
Council Presidents are elected by the students from the courses they represent*.
They are in charge of setting up and running a council which they will use to listen to the students from their programs. The president’s job is then to discuss the issues with the relevant university bodies.

*Elections shall be determined by the simple majority system.
*All Student Council Presidents will be required to hold office for one year.
About the role
Be the student voice of your programme including providing strong support to the student reps
Work closely with the VP of Academic Affairs and the Director(s) of Content to make sure the student's voice is heard
Host bi-weekly Council Meetings to create a space for students to share thoughts, ideas, and concerns about their course 
Attend the weekly Executive Meetings and share your thoughts about SU and University Initiatives
Be part of exciting SU projects and events
Contact us if you need more information
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