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HIDDEN LONDON [21]: Lost Tube Stations

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

We often take the Tube for granted in London, or at least we do in normal times, rushing on and shuffling off, but in these quieter period there is much more to look and ponder, for instance did you realise there are many lost or ghost tube stations?

If you ever happen to stop between Tottenham Court Road and Holborn Stations on the Central line, you might notice white tiles lining the walls, this is the now abandoned station known as British Museum, which closed in 1933, though was used as an air raid shelter throughout the Second World War.

Another more mysterious station is Down Street, situated between Green Park and Hyde Park Corner on the Piccadilly Line [which can still be recognised by the maroon tiles on it’s upper level] was closed during the 1930’s , though there are rumours that this stop has direct tunnels to nearby Buckingham Palace, and in time of War would have provided a quick exit to the then London Airport [Heathrow] and a flight to Canada.

Almost all of the older lines on the tube network have abandoned stations ,often built with the expansion of the network in the 1920’s and 30’s, and more hopeful business .Though a few found that they had little footfall, and so were closed as others were more used or they were amalgamated when stations opened nearby, thus was the fate of Down St, and also Trafalgar Square which eventually became Charing Cross.

Though many are still there hidden away, complete with original 1950/60’s posters on their upper levels, with their platforms removed they are only noticeable from their curved tiling. These include Brompton Road and South Kentish Town, and one that was built but never opened, as the owners above ground opposed the new station being built in a conservation area, This is North End on the Northern line between Hampstead and Golders Green which only exists at sub surface level, and is only evidenced from a shed like entrance near the Old Bull & Bush Pub on North End Way.

Lastly there is Hobbs End Tube station, probably some

where in the east end of the city which if you ever find yourself alighting there, be very worried indeed ! As it was the site of alien excavation in the classic Sci-Fi film “Quatermass and the Pit” which can often be found on Freeview channel 81.

More information can be found on these stations below

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